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Today’s GOP News, 2/8/10

Here’s a few interesting stories of interest to Republicans in the news today:

South Carolina Republicans unite with tea party

NRCC expands Young Guns program

GOP Lacks Female Candidates

In this story from the MN Legislature (Amendments stall vote on eminent domain bill), my first reaction is this bill is an excellent idea designed to support private property rights, but without knowing more I’m hesitant to fully agree.  But if there is such a statute that makes it easier for companies to seize private property, getting rid of it would be a step forward for liberty.  Time for some research.

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happy friday everyone! 1/8/2010

Yet another week has come and gone, and I begin the retreat to my classes on monday.  Don’t worry, my irreverent commentary on important issues won’t be stopped by academia! 

Until monday rolls around, here’s some good stories to tide you over:

Change we can really believe in – Good piece by the president of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, near the end is an excellent summary of what really needs to be done for the country.

 No More Room at the Bench – Are there too many law schools?  Is the market for attorneys saturated? 

Ten Unanswered Questions in the Flight 253 Summary – Go figure, the official White House summary is incomplete and unclear.

For Obama and the Media, Is the Honeymoon Finally Over? – Let’s hope so, the worship I see on the major news channels has made me nauseous for long enough.

 H&M and Wal-Mart Destroy and Trash Unsold Goods – This is just sad.  There isn’t anything else they could do with these clothes?  No tax deduction for charitable donations like individuals can take advantage of?  If not, maybe there should be. 


Have a good weekend!


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