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i hope our governor is this cool

What a great way to get to know bloggers, let them get to know you and promote the 2nd Amendment.  Check out this video, it’s just awesome.  Way to go Governor Perry!

Shoot First, Blog Later: Roger, Breitbart & Top Web Journos Go Shooting With Texas Gov. Rick Perry

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is social media killing you?

I agree with this article to a point, especially as it applies to the world of internet music.  One of my many resolutions for this year is to cut down on my use of internet sites that are time-consuming with no real value.  Twitter doesn’t count, since I’ve never really used it at all.  “hey, just ate breakfast.  yum.”  “Hey, im takin a shit, boy its big.”  What’s the point?  Maybe for actual events and announcements it’s a useful tool (this chick has it down to a science) but I’m still not sold on Twitter.  As for the rest of social media, just take a look at this free PDF e-book  A to Z of Digital Music Startups in 2009 to really see what I mean.  Half of these things are social sites, my gods does anyone think that spreading yourself that thin will actually do any good? 

Social media for the small business is a catalyst, a tool, a way to create awareness and deeper engagement – it’s not a way to take orders.

At some point you’ve got to take orders. If you can’t convince someone face to face of the value of your proposition, don’t expect to do it in 140 characters or less.

Stop using social media as an excuse to be busy and get out there and sell something.

Is Social Media Killing Your Business?

Damn right, sell yourself to your fans.  It’s absolutely essential for an independent musician to connect with fans, I mean, they’re the reason for your existence!  If you wanted to just record for yourself and don’t give a damn what people think, stay in the basement.  If you want to entertain people, you can’t be bound by “I’m a genius and its a priviledge for you to hear me” arrogance.  Since I’m of the opinion that record labels are a useless middleman and can go suck a goat, that leaves no wall for musicians to hide behind.  They’re out there themselves all the time, no shelter behind a company so you can’t be a reclusive, crowd-hating egotistical piece of shit that hates the people who listen to their music.  Yeah, I have some feelings on the subject of self-absorbed musicians.

What I’m getting at is the idea that getting sucked into the colossal task that is keeping track of every societal minutiae is destructive to anyone’s life, musician or otherwise.  So just take a step back, focus on a few sites that really work, and keep writing and playing more than tweeting.

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