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MNgb’s picks – Monday, Feb. 8th

Here’s your GrizzlyNews and opinions from across the country, and Minnesota in particular for 2/8/10:

Unallotment Deadline Looming – an excellent blog post about the political ramifications of the unallotment debate and court case for the DFL in an election year (what is unallotment?).  I still can’t quite get over the difference between the MN Constitution and the Federal Constitution in terms of separation of powers, we seem to be a lot more fast and loose with the branch distinctions in Minnesota than the Feds are.  I tried to spur some discussion on the difference between unallotment and the line-item veto in my Precinct caucus group last week, and it actually developed more than I thought it would.  I even learned some interesting things about budget authority.  Neat.

Google to enlist NSA to help it ward off cyberattacks – Not too sure what to think about this story, honestly.  I’m swinging back and forth between “good for you Google, protect my privacy” and “OH GOD BIG BROTHER OMNIVEILLANCE AND CORPORATISM.”  You can see the problem that arises with a story like this, obviously.  I picked up the term Omniveillance from an article by Josh Blackman that I know I’ve mentioned before, yet it still comes back to haunt me with its insightfulness…

The inevitable fix for the deficit – Is the VAT really as “inevitable” as this article says?  I don’t think so, sorry.  The Value-Added Tax strikes me as another shadow way for government to hide its tax increases and to pay for its bloated expansion plans.  If the government taxes products at the manufacturing level, as the article states is the basic plan for a VAT, at what will the public focus its anger?  Business.  All business.  Since the businesses will have to price their goods higher due to skyrocketing input costs (thanks, VAT), the people will see the entity closest to them as the problem, and if businesses are the last link in the chain, then government gets off scot-free with the money.  Whether that rant is an argument against VAT I have no idea, but damnit do we really want bureaucracy as big as Europe’s as the future of America?  Look deep into your reservoir of knowlege and honestly answer that question.  I don’t.

Jobs push continues with $50M MN Senate proposal – Everyone repeat after me.  “Government spending does not create meaningful, long-term economic growth.”

To be continued, it’s time for class.

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happy friday everyone! 1/8/2010

Yet another week has come and gone, and I begin the retreat to my classes on monday.  Don’t worry, my irreverent commentary on important issues won’t be stopped by academia! 

Until monday rolls around, here’s some good stories to tide you over:

Change we can really believe in – Good piece by the president of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, near the end is an excellent summary of what really needs to be done for the country.

 No More Room at the Bench – Are there too many law schools?  Is the market for attorneys saturated? 

Ten Unanswered Questions in the Flight 253 Summary – Go figure, the official White House summary is incomplete and unclear.

For Obama and the Media, Is the Honeymoon Finally Over? – Let’s hope so, the worship I see on the major news channels has made me nauseous for long enough.

 H&M and Wal-Mart Destroy and Trash Unsold Goods – This is just sad.  There isn’t anything else they could do with these clothes?  No tax deduction for charitable donations like individuals can take advantage of?  If not, maybe there should be. 


Have a good weekend!


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