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Republicans are More Knowledgable

Check out this neat little study from the Pew Research Center regarding Republican voter knowledge of issues:

Republicans, on average, answered one more question correctly than Democrats (5.9 vs. 4.9 correct). These differences are partly a reflection of the demographics of the two groups; Republicans tend to be older, well educated and male, which are characteristics associated with political and economic knowledge. Still, even when these factors are held constant, Republicans do somewhat better than Democrats on the knowledge quiz.

Republicans Smarter than Democrats? , and the study itself at Pew Research.

So come on, keep calling us ignorant hicks when it comes to issues, I dare you.  hahaha.  pwned.

Have it good,



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  1. Well, it seems you have indeed decoded that Republicans did in fact score 1 question higher on average. You neglected to mention or simply failed to notice the content of the questions in the study, which are all geared toward the republican party. What I mean by that is that they are nearly all on issues that are important to R’s, but less so to D’s (eg. Oil, national debt, # GOP for healthcare, or who the chair of the RNC is). Please complete you research before speaking, and/or stop being intentionally misleading.

    Comment by firstreason | February 9, 2010 | Reply

  2. The content of the questions of the study? Out of the 12 questions asked, only one is explicitly about the Republican party and that is the question about Michael Steele, and another one is mildly about the GOP although it pertains to a more generally prominent issue (healthcare)which has been on the Democratic agenda for the last year.

    “…while only a third of Democrats can name their own party’s Senate leader.”

    You’re really going to take the position that knowing how much oil we import, who the Democratic majority leader is, what the current unemployment rate is, and how many women are on the SCOTUS are REPUBLICAN issues? How much more Democratic can unemployment, the environment and women be?
    And if the rest of the questions aren’t planks from the DNC platform, they are at least neutral issues which it is not shameful to be fully aware of. Knowing that China holds a huge portion of our debt is a pretty big deal regardless of party affiliation, having a (D) behind your name isn’t a just cause for “financial-phobia.”

    I see you just started blogging-good luck and have fun with it, hope to start a fight with you again. But not about Sarah Palin. After perusing your blog, I think we can both agree for the most part on Sarah Palin.

    Have it good,

    Comment by Minnesota Grizzly Bear | February 10, 2010 | Reply

    • More to the point, many (not all) of the issues questioned in the study are ones that a republican would tend focus on, because they are issues that the Democratic party is seen as weak on at the moment, and that as an attacking party, would be more likely to have this info on hand, whereas a defending party would most likely have quotes that play more to their strengths and to their opponents weaknesses. I also don’t believe that there is as much affection for the Dems own party leaders and certainly not as much unity as a whole, they tend to think slightly differently than one another, and not more as a stubborn herd quite as much. I would also take issue with the phrase ‘more knowledgeable,’ and would in this case replace it with ‘more able to retain talking points and trivia.’
      Jolly right about Palin, I think I’ll like it here.

      Comment by firstreason | February 10, 2010 | Reply

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