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Caucus day is here again!

Wow, it’s already the end of January.  That means the Minnesota caucus day of February 2nd is approaching fast, but what does that mean for you?  What is a political caucus, and why are they important?

The caucuses present an opportunity to make your voice heard beyond your single vote on Election Day, they give you a venue for opinion into which candidates will make it to election day for you to vote on. 

A party caucus is where self-identified supporters of a political party get together and talk about the upcoming elections and state of their party, every major political party in Minnesota (Republicans, Democrats, and Independence) has them.  In big election years like 2008 and the Minnesota Governor’s race, party caucuses play an important role in the party endorsement process and are responsible for deciding who the party will officially support come Election Day.  

Who could pass up a chance to meet and engage with like-minded individuals who likely share many of your beliefs?  And if you don’t see eye-to-eye with another caucus-goer, start a dialogue and discuss your divergence on issues.  The caucus is where the party’s platform is solidified and resolutions for change are brought forward and carried to the State convention, so have at it when it comes to issues you disagree with!  

So what’s going to happen when you go to your local precinct caucus?  Here’s what the MN Republican party has to say about caucuses tomorrow;

What Happens at Caucuses? 

  1. Elect the Chair of the Caucus and the Caucus Secretary
  2. Elect Precinct Leaders
  3. Elect Delegates and Alternates to the Local Republican Conventions
  4. Conduct the Gubernatorial Preference Ballot
  5. Pass Resolutions to the Republican Party of Minnesota’s Standing Platform

Why are caucuses important?

For our Party, caucuses serve several important functions:

1. It’s the start of the platform process

The resolutions passed at caucuses are the starting point for changes to our Party’s standing platform, which states our Party’s principles and beliefs.
2. It’s the start of choosing Republican candidates

The process for electing delegates, who will endorse individuals to become our Party’s candidates, starts here

3. It’s where our precinct leaders are elected

Local leaders serve as the backbone of the Party. A commitment to forward Republican principles qualifies you to accept this leadership post tonight.

4. It’s the base of our grassroots efforts

With their experience and knowledge, precinct caucus attendees make great volunteers for our candidates and our Party. Our principles cannot move forward without your involvement.



Find your party’s caucus date and location here if you live in Moorhead, MN

Clay County caucuses Tuesday: 

  • Republican Party: 7 p.m., Moorhead High School, 2300 4th Ave. S.; the following precincts will meet at Barnesville High School (Alliance, all Barnesville precincts, Comstock, Elkton, Holy Cross, Humbolt, Tansem); the following will meet at Hawley High School (Cromwell, Eglon, Goose Prairie, Hawley, Hawley Township, Highland Grove, Hitterdal, Keene, Parke, Skree).
  • Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party: 7 p.m., Comstock Memorial Union, MSUM, Sixth Avenue and 14th Street
  • Green Party: 6:30 p.m., Moorhead Library, 118 5th St.
  • Independence Party: 7 p.m. This is a remote caucus. Go to
  • For all other caucus locations, go to


Campaigns drive interest in Minnesota caucuses


Have fun and remember that “all politics is local.”  Your vote and voice really do count.

Have it good,



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