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friday link list 1/22

 Here’s a few of the things I’ve read today, out of the 1000+ stories that exploded on to my Google Reader over the night.  No time for commentary, Dr. Jones!  Need to outline some reasearch papers!

Good lord, we’ve had a busy week this week between Scott Brown’s victory, a wild Supreme Court term so far, and some interesting politics!  I think the explosion in commentary has come from the big SCOTUS decision regarding campaign finance laws.  I can’t wait to see how that plays out in the political realm this year as well as 2012.


Five Memes Destroyed by Scott Brown’s Victory

Decision may mean more foreign cash <—I’m going to watch this story, definitely

5 Reasons gold is the next bubble to burst <—Just for you Stu, haha.  Not sure I agree with this guy’s assessment though


Analysis: A few open, or not so open, questions
The next campaign finance lawsuit?

Mixed reaction over Supreme Court campaign finance ruling

Conservatives embrace judicial activism in campaign finance ruling

Judge reduces damages in illegal file sharing case <—Brainerd, MN! 


Have a good weekend, I think I’ll be trapped inside due to winter storms!



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