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Rasmussen and MN Governors Race

Wow, I really wonder who Rasmussen polled to get results like this.  I have a feeling they didn’t go beyond a few suburbs of the Twin Cities.  According to today’s Rasmussen poll of Minnesota Republicans, 52% would prefer former Sen. Norm Coleman in the 2010 Governor’s race and he’s not even running!  Look at the dropoff from Coleman to State Rep. Seifert, and the latter raised over $262,000 last year!

2010 Minnesota Governor Primary 

I met most of the candidates a couple months ago, and I was impressed by the strength and quality of every person running.  Especially the potential in State Rep. Paul Kohls, I’ll be watching him after his performance at the candidate debate.  Tom Emmer’s campaign called me this afternoon wondering if I had made a decision concerning who I will support, since I’ve been a delegate for the last two years in a row. 

Honestly, I’m not too sure so far.  I like a lot of what Marty Seifert has to say, enjoyed the fierce libertarian streak of former candidate Pat Anderson (who is now running for State Auditor), the fresh and hopeful view of Paul Kohls, and the strong charisma of Tom Emmer.  I remember seeing Senator Coleman speak at the 2008 MN State Convention and not really being all that impressed, it seemed too glossy and photogenic.  But I really wasn’t attuned to MN politics to make any kind of judgement, but I have heard good things about his record. 

This is going to be a very tough choice for Republican caucus-goers this year.  Too many good choices.

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