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cut government? yes please!

I swear I’m living in the twilight zone sometimes.  For those who don’t know, Minnesota is in the midst of a massive budget crisis, as are many other states across the country.  I’m sure it has a lot to do with this – State Tax Revenue in U.S. Drops Most Since 1963.

But in this other story that I want to talk about, a state employee union is actually begging Governor Pawlenty to cut positions in Minnesota.  Yes, you heard me.

Minnesota’s second largest state employees union says Gov. Tim Pawlenty can help solve the state’s budget problem by reducing the number of management positions and outside contracts in his administration.

Officials with the Minnesota Association of Professional Employees Thursday outlined $100 million in spending they say should be cut. With the state facing a $1.2 billion deficit, they say too much information technology work is being done by companies from outside of Minnesota.

State employee union proposes cutting Pawlenty appointees

They sure have put him in an interesting position, given that a great deal of these positions contain people appointed by Pawlenty.  But if he doesn’t kill their jobs, a Governor with presidential aspirations can kiss his conservative credentials goodbye.  Beautifully played by the opposition, I must admit.

So come on Governor, suck it up and slash these positions like the fiscal conservative you want to be.  Walk the walk.  Put our money where your mouth is. 

I’m not sure that last one really made sense…

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