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ooh, ‘ello Gov’na!

Man, today just will not calm down! 

First Byron Dorgan reveals that he’s not seeking reelection this year

Then Nanci Pelosi takes a jab at Obama (ok, so that was yesterday, but I keep weird hours and haven’t slept yet)

Then North Dakota Governor John Hoeven announces he will run for Dorgan’s seat! 

With news that Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) is not running for re-election, Politco reports that North Dakota Gov. John Hoeven (R) “is letting his political allies know that he’s preparing to run for the seat.”

“Hoeven’s decision gives Republicans an excellent shot at winning back the Senate seat in the solidly Republican state.”

Hoeven Will Run for Senate

In related news, Rep. Earl Pomeroy is still dodging the entire population of North Dakota due to his ill-considered vote in support of the healthcare bill.  Don’t worry, he won’t be an incumbent for long.  Go go gadget election day!

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litigation = the last line of defense?

I’ve been reading more and more about the constitutionality of this massive healthcare reform bill in the news and blogs over the last few weeks, but  it seems like the idea has really taken off in the last few days.  One blogger I’m a big fan of is Josh Blackman, and he’s been blogging on the possible “Constitutional moment” that would occur if the SCOTUS actually decided to hear questions of constitutionality if the healthcare bill passes.  He caught this article from The Hill before I did:

With Democrats in control of the White House and large majorities in the Senate and House, Republicans view the third branch of government as their last, best hope to limit Obama’s ambitious reform agenda.

“Since Democrats cut Republicans out of the healthcare negotiations in Congress, maybe the only way to have any input into the health bill is through litigation,” Bossie added.

Republicans see courts as last line of defense vs. Democrats’ agenda

This story is directly related to my last post about transparency and healthcare, as you can see from the second paragraph I quoted.  The Dems have  totally shut out the Republicans in their secretive efforts to force this bill through to the President, so what else can conservatives do other than win big in the 2010 mid-terms, as it looks like they might do?  Top Democrats head for the exits

My pre-law advisor had us read a very interesting book dealing with whether or not the Courts are actually desirable and effective venues for any meaningful change in public policy, specifically the chapters on Race and Abortion.  I think I might revisit that book briefly, to see if any parallels can be drawn with the HC debate.

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is a thick wooden door transparent?

Not that I needed one more reason to be disillusioned by President Obama’s lies and deceptions, here we go with another one.  This is a campaign quote from Obama about what he would do to a debate on a healthcare bill. 

Hell yes, on something this important open it up to the public!  Or at least the opposing party! 

Senate Democrat Harry Reid and House Democrat Nancy Pelosi are inclined to finish up the 2,500-plus-page legislation themselves behind closed doors, skipping the usual Senate-House conference committee that would include those pesky Republicans.

C-SPAN pleads with Reid, Pelosi to open final drafting sessions for Obama’s healthcare bill

I admit, I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to C-SPAN so I agree with televising these healthcare negotiations just so I can have something to watch at 6am on a no-sleep night.  And if it weren’t for C-Span, where would the majority of Jon Stewart’s hilarious political clips come from?

Let C-SPAN in!  Let this much-lauded “bi-partisanship” the Democrats speak of show its head!  Or does that trick only work when they’re in the minority and need an excuse to influence policy?

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