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D.C. snowball fight

I remember reading about this a while ago, a D.C. cop pulled a gun out during a huge snowball fight in Washington, D.C. in December, but I just saw a new story about it on Instapundit with a link to the video of the confrontation, and goddamn.  Apparently the Assistant Chief is in the news for denying everything you can blatantly see in the video.

  Here’s a quick summary of the event from

The December 19 snowball fight took an ugly turn when snowballers pelted a red Hummer making its way through the snow-packed intersection of 14th and U Streets in Northwest Washington, a part of the city with some historical turbulence, including the 1968 riots. The driver, D.C. police Detective Mike Baylor, emerged from his vehicle in plain clothes, and without identifying himself as a police officer confronted the snowballers. Baylor unholstered his gun, bringing more derision and insults to an already heated confrontation (including the chant “don’t bring a gun to a snowball fight”). Snowballers and observers quickly began calling 911 about a man waving a gun at the intersection. That brought uniformed cops to the scene, one of whom had also (understandably, at that point) drawn his weapon. Baylor detained one person, attorney Daniel Schramm, whom the detective falsely accused of hitting him with a snowball.

The D.C. Snow Job

Yeah, the Assistant Chief is basically denying everything.  Nevermind that he’s all-out lying, as you can see in the YouTube video.

Assistant Chief Pete Newsham, who leads the department’s investigative services bureau, said it appears the patrol officer acted appropriately, and the worst the detective might have done is use inappropriate language in dealing with the snowball fighters…

At some point, Newsham said, the detective approached the group of snowball fighters and had “some kind of interaction” with them. He said the detective holstered a cellphone, and someone from the crowd called to report a man with a gun.

“He was armed but never pulls his weapon,” Newsham said of the detective.

Police looking into incident at snowball fight

What is there to look into, IT WAS ALL CAUGHT ON TAPE FROM MULTIPLE SOURCES!  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone the language those “snowballers” were using towards the police officers.  I think it was rude, uncalled for and inappropriate.  But the arrogance of this department in thinking that denying everything is the proper course of action is inexcusable. 

This guy should be hung out to dry, you don’t pull a gun on civilians, it’s just too damn dangerous.  I have the ability to lawfully carry a concealed firearm on my person.  If that plain clothes detective were to do that here, I could have drawn on him and been caught up in all sorts of problems because of his blatant irresponsibility, carelessness and neglect of his sworn duties as an officer of the law.

Just think, people, think. 

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  1. “They haven’t realized that everyone has camaras and access to YouTube.”

    Centralized media control is dying. The Orwellian memory-hole is dying.

    I’ve heard about a police execution of a veteran in either LA or SanFran, don’t remember which. The vet carried an unloaded handgun for protection. Something to show if perps threaten him. Two cops stopped him. He did not threaten the cops or wave his gun or anything. He was talking normally with them. And one cop put his gun right into the vet’s chest and fired. Point-blank execution. Completely unjustified.

    And I think it was last year that a plain-clothed, unidentified sherrif’s deuputy pulled over a car of people in Minnesota and pulled a gun on them. Got into a scuffle, and he shot the civilian driver and killed him. (Hey, I’d get into a scuffle with a unidentified gunman ordering me around…)

    Or less serious but no less enlightening, the incident where a cop and his mother were at a concert in the Fargo-Moorhead area and were causing a lot of problems and behaving badly. They refused to leave. “Do you know who I am??” Since when is a cop and his mother above the law?

    Audio/video recorders and YouTube. Can’t happen fast enough.

    Comment by Mr. Anon | January 5, 2010 | Reply

    • “They haven’t realized that everyone has camaras and access to YouTube.”

      Btw, that wasn’t a quote from the article, that was a quote from someone i read on the ‘net, but can’t remember where that was now.

      Comment by Mr. Anon | January 5, 2010 | Reply

  2. LA wouldn’t surprise me at all, it’s such a cesspool. The problem is just the intoxication that follows power and arrogance. You think I’m going to roll over for you just because you have a badge and a gun? Well as a law-abiding citizen, I have a gun too. Big deal.

    Another reason why I hate this “non-lethal force” crap, it makes police think that since it theoretically is safe that its worth using as a first response to conflict. Hell, to anything that irritates them. Guess what, the makers of TAZER have changed their manual to read “avoid hitting people in the chest because it could kill them.” Ok, not a direct quote, but you get the idea. NON LETHAL FORCE CAN BE LETHAL!

    Some of the Criminal Justice majors in my law classes display an absolutely staggering ignorance and lack of interest in criminal law and procedure. Which is scary because if you don’t bother to learn it, how the hell can you apply it on the job? Being an officer of the peace is more than just being a uniformed god and bossing people around. It’s about establishing trust, respect and a spirit of cooperation.


    Comment by Minnesota Grizzly Bear | January 5, 2010 | Reply

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