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barefoot running=safer?

This is very interesting to those considering their New Years resolutions, such as this humble blogger.  I remember hearing something about thus study a while ago, but apparently the results have been published and the finding is that sneakers have the potential to do more harm than barefoot running.

Runners who wore sneakers ended up landing heel-first 75 to 80 percent of the time. By contrast, barefoot runners usually land toward the middle or front of the foot — a dramatic difference that recalls the more natural foot strike of early Homo sapiens. Needless to say, early humans certainly were not born to run wearing Nike or Reebok.

The heel-landing without shoes means a painful collision force of 1.5 to 3 times human body weight. But cushioned sneaker heels have allowed runners to change their stride to high-impact running, and likely open up a whole world of pain involving foot and leg injuries.

Long-Awaited Barefoot Running Study Finds Sneakers Are Harmful

This is absolutely fascinating since I’m interested in the evolution of humans as well.  But now I guess I’ll have to check out the ‘barefoot-friendly’ shoes they list at the end of the article, I need to dump my too-small pair of running shoes anyway.

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state of the union and responses

Since I took the day off after class to go see “Where the Wild Things Are” with Kayla and her daughter, I don’t have a brilliant and insightful response to President Obama yet, but imma cookin’ somethin’ up.  Until then, here’s a concise and amusing response from Jim Geraghty.

But probably my favorite part was Justice Samuel Alito mouthing “that’s not true” in regards to Obama’s criticism of Citizens United v. FEC.  According to a pundit on Fox News, Justice Alito is this year’s winner of the “Joe Wilson Award.”  Well good for him!

A good, swift kick in the balls every so often lets you remember how much getting kicked in the balls really hurts.

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i hope our governor is this cool

What a great way to get to know bloggers, let them get to know you and promote the 2nd Amendment.  Check out this video, it’s just awesome.  Way to go Governor Perry!

Shoot First, Blog Later: Roger, Breitbart & Top Web Journos Go Shooting With Texas Gov. Rick Perry

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Obama’s spending freeze

Well isn’t this is a very interesting proposition for Republicans.  Do we go and support the President on an issue we basically agree with and lend him an appearance of bipartisan support and agreement (just in time for the 2010 elections I’m sure) or leave him out to dry and watch the Democrats self-destruct on their own?

The problem I have with President Obama’s intended proposal is that he leaves out so many things that desperately need to be addressed, such as military spending and that other massive elephant in the room called entitlement spending.  Which leads me to believe that this is a half-hearted attempt to look more in-tune with the majority of the country than he actually is. 

So what is the right way to go for conservatives?  How about taking a cautious approach, fully realizing and applauding the high priority and importance of such a spending freeze in these tough economic times, but acknowledging that it is just one step on the long path towards fiscal responsibility.  I agree with this section from HotAir:

Republicans need to make that point very clear and argue that while a freeze is the first step, the next step must be to roll back those federal-budget increases back to at least 2007 levels in order to actually impact the budget deficit, let alone long-term debt.  That will require significant cuts in federal programs that Democrats created or inflated over the last three years while having control of the pursestrings.

Should conservatives get behind Obama’s spending freeze?

That’s right, we don’t just want a freeze, we want a spending freeze followed by a spring spending thaw that will let us drain the proverbial spending lake.  If that’s too confusing a metaphor, all you need to know is that a spending freeze is not the end we’re looking for as fiscal conservatives.  We’re looking for a decrease in government, a rollback, a cut, whatever you want to call it. 

Ok, here’s one – we’re going to prune the frozen tree of spending after the shining Republican victories in 2010.

I just can’t speak in metaphor, can I?  haha.

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Here we go, this baby has been making the rounds through libertarian and conservative blogs, and I just had to repost it.  It’s hilarious, oh man.


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a sad day for minnesota

I have no words for this travesty.  5 turnovers?  Questionable calls?  Barely-caught balls?  Where the hell were the Vikings we all know and love?  This in particular, seriously dude you couldn’t just let us kick it?  You had to try and play God and make a miracle play?  ‘Favre’ is my new favorite curse word.

Favre threw away Minnesota’s best chance to win, tossing an interception deep in New Orleans territory in the closing seconds of regulation. Then the Saints won the coin toss and soon it was over.

Saints beat Vikings 31-28 in OT for trip to Super Bowl


Have it good.  Or at least try to after that game.


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friday link list 1/22

 Here’s a few of the things I’ve read today, out of the 1000+ stories that exploded on to my Google Reader over the night.  No time for commentary, Dr. Jones!  Need to outline some reasearch papers!

Good lord, we’ve had a busy week this week between Scott Brown’s victory, a wild Supreme Court term so far, and some interesting politics!  I think the explosion in commentary has come from the big SCOTUS decision regarding campaign finance laws.  I can’t wait to see how that plays out in the political realm this year as well as 2012.


Five Memes Destroyed by Scott Brown’s Victory

Decision may mean more foreign cash <—I’m going to watch this story, definitely

5 Reasons gold is the next bubble to burst <—Just for you Stu, haha.  Not sure I agree with this guy’s assessment though


Analysis: A few open, or not so open, questions
The next campaign finance lawsuit?

Mixed reaction over Supreme Court campaign finance ruling

Conservatives embrace judicial activism in campaign finance ruling

Judge reduces damages in illegal file sharing case <—Brainerd, MN! 


Have a good weekend, I think I’ll be trapped inside due to winter storms!


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Abandon Ship? Follow the leader, guys

Well it’s been roughly a day since Scott Brown’s amazing upset in Massachusetts, so how are North Dakota’s national representatives and senators taking the news?  Discounting the retiring Senator Byron Dorgan of course.

Let’s take a look at the scorecard so far, starting with Representative Earl Pomeroy!  According to this story compiled by HotAir, Rep. Pomeroy is believed to be in the running for CEO of the American Council of Life Insurers.

“Several high-profile Democrats, including North Dakota Rep. Earl Pomeroy and former Sen. Bob Kerrey (Neb.), are said to be in the running to fill former Oklahoma Republican Gov. Frank Keating’s post as CEO and president of the American Council of Life Insurers,” Roll Call (subscription) reports.

Pomeroy looking for a golden parachute into the insurance industry?

And perhaps the most interesting thing about this position at ACLI is that:

Sen. Dorgan’s wife, Kim Dorgan, is senior executive vice president for public policy at the American Council of Life Insurers, its top lobbying position.

Insurance Industry Losing Two Senate Allies

Ready to abandon ship for the private sector, are we?  Isn’t that just sweet?  So we have Dorgan leaving, and with all talk about retiring, maybe Pomeroy will look to his colleague’s wife’s organization and wonder…what if? 

So who does that leave, Senator Kent Conrad?  Maybe it’s time for this bastion of public integrity to catch retirement fever as well, given this outrageous bit of conniving to push Obamacare through:

The Senate Budget Committee Chairman said Wednesday he’s willing to use special rules to force changes to the healthcare legislation through the Senate with a simple majority vote.

Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) made clear his openness to applying budget reconciliation to healthcare, a position he opposed prior to this week’s special election in Massachusetts, is contingent on the content of the bill.

Conrad opens door to reconciliation for healthcare

Yeah, cute title, but it has nothing to do with what the average person would consider “reconciliation” and absolutely everything to do with strong-arm tactics of utter desperation.  My god, MASSACHUSETTS of all places just sent a REPUBLICAN to the Senate who RAN A CAMPAIGN ON OPPOSING OBAMACARE!  Sorry about the yelling, but maybe this isn’t quite clear to the Democrats who still think passing this monstrosity is a good idea.  Massachusetts.  The left-wing bastion of Ted “make it all free” Kennedy.  Seriously.  No one wants this bill to pass, and by no one I mean roughly 38% of Americans.

With any luck, 2/3 of North Dakota will be red by the end of this year and I’m sure we’ll clean up the remaining third by 2012. 

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Monkeys and Aristotle

The timing of a story like this is amusing, given the fact that I just got out of a philosophy class discussion on Aristotle and the function of human beings.  According to Aristotle, the function of human beings which separates them from other entities (plants, animals) is reason/rationality.  I wonder what he would say after reading this?

A German team of neurobiologists has found that rhesus macaques can engage in abstract mathematical reasoning using specific brain cells dedicated to the comprehension of math rules and relationships.

Monkey Brain ‘hardwired’ for Simple Math

I’ve also heard that dolphins are capable of some higher mental functions, so does this blur the lines of reason which Aristotle speaks of in his Nicomachean Ethics?  Or are there more aspects to reason and rationality than abstract mathematical ability?  I would tend to lean towards the multi-aspect definition, but damnit it’s pretty interesting to think about.   The article specifies a distinction between the level of sophistication when it comes to abstract thought, but the other questions raised such as do monkeys or other primitively rational animals consider existential questions is one I’m really curious about, and so is the scientist quoted in the article.

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Rasmussen and MN Governors Race

Wow, I really wonder who Rasmussen polled to get results like this.  I have a feeling they didn’t go beyond a few suburbs of the Twin Cities.  According to today’s Rasmussen poll of Minnesota Republicans, 52% would prefer former Sen. Norm Coleman in the 2010 Governor’s race and he’s not even running!  Look at the dropoff from Coleman to State Rep. Seifert, and the latter raised over $262,000 last year!

2010 Minnesota Governor Primary 

I met most of the candidates a couple months ago, and I was impressed by the strength and quality of every person running.  Especially the potential in State Rep. Paul Kohls, I’ll be watching him after his performance at the candidate debate.  Tom Emmer’s campaign called me this afternoon wondering if I had made a decision concerning who I will support, since I’ve been a delegate for the last two years in a row. 

Honestly, I’m not too sure so far.  I like a lot of what Marty Seifert has to say, enjoyed the fierce libertarian streak of former candidate Pat Anderson (who is now running for State Auditor), the fresh and hopeful view of Paul Kohls, and the strong charisma of Tom Emmer.  I remember seeing Senator Coleman speak at the 2008 MN State Convention and not really being all that impressed, it seemed too glossy and photogenic.  But I really wasn’t attuned to MN politics to make any kind of judgement, but I have heard good things about his record. 

This is going to be a very tough choice for Republican caucus-goers this year.  Too many good choices.

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