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corruption in D.C.? well duh

It took a whole study to figure this out?  Good gods, everyone knows that famous quote which has been beaten to death regarding politics – “Power corrupts.”  The problem with Democrats is that their ideology makes it so much easier to become powerful by believing that the government has the power to fix and legislate every little problem and facet of American life.  If, on the other hand, you believe in a limited sphere of government intervention and action, restraint is the word of the day.  You have less ability to make these deals because you have less power, and if you want to get elected again, you have to prove you talk the talk and walk the limited government walk.  Here’s the article from CATO:

There is a new study from a couple of academics at the University of Michigan, who found significant relationships between lobbying and bailout money, as well as a greater chance of getting bailouts depending on a bank’s ties with either the Federal Reserve or key members of Congress. Hopefully, people across America will draw the obvious conclusion and realize that big government is inherently corrupting[.]

University of Michigan Study Confirms Link between Financial Bailout and Corruption

Like I said before in a previous post, Obama is a classic product of the corrupt Chicago Democratic Machine.  Bribes, kickbacks, coercison and spin is the name of the game.  Don’t believe me?  For another fun one about the Healthcare fiasco,  look at what the Dems had to do to drum up (bribe?) enough support in Nebraska!

Nelson also won several other concessions, most notably a commitment from the federal government to fully fund his state’s expanded Medicaid population. All states get full federal assistance for the first three years of the bill — but Nebraska would be the only state getting full assistance afterward. One Democratic official put the cost to the federal government at $45 million over a decade.

Nelson Accused of Selling Vote on Health Bill for Nebraska Pay-Off

Come on guys, this isn’t compromise and debate, this is railroading a gigantic and detrimental piece of legislation through before anyone has any idea what the hell it is and who will really benefit.  Voting under the cover of darkness is hardly the sunshine Obama promised on the campaign trail.  But to be fair, he also said we would immediately withdraw from Afghanistan.

Ah, was that one of the dozens of banks that failed by any chance?

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