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War not conservative

Now this is what I like to see coming from a Republican Congressman other than Ron Paul.  War is an issue I am passionate about, and I differ with many of my Republican colleagues and friends by standing unapologetically opposed to reckless and ill-planned death, destruction and chaos.  Here’s a good snippet from Rep. John J. Duncan of Tennessee:

Fiscal conservatives should be the ones most horrified by all this spending. Conservatives who oppose big government and huge deficit spending at home should not support it in foreign countries just because it is being done by our biggest bureaucracy, the Defense Department.

War not conservative (Rep. John J. Duncan) – The Hill’s Congress Blog.

As a fiascal conservative, ain’t that the truth.  Our job as Americans is to preach our values and principles through commerce and diplomacy, because war is the antithesis of freedom, liberty and prosperity.  It’s our responsibility to set a decent and moral example for the world, and not sink down to the level of our enemies by torturing, kidnapping and hiring reckless mercenaries/contractors to fight our wars.  America is the city on a hill, a shining beacon to all.  Let’s prove it.

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  1. Bravo! Hopefully more Republicans will echo that sentiment.

    Comment by Tom | November 19, 2009 | Reply

  2. Indeed, I agree. If more Republicans nowdays knew that we’ve traditionally been the party of non-intervention, I think it would be a lot more acceptable to them. I mean, with examples like Robert Taft and Ron Paul, we could reclaim the moral highground as a country. Hell even Nixon got us out of Vietnam and opened up China!


    Comment by Minnesota Grizzly Bear | November 19, 2009 | Reply

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