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Senate + Healthcare = EPIC FAIL

The U.S. Senate unveiled their version of the Health Care Fail on Wedndesday night, and oh the ruckus it will raise.  This baby sounds just as great as the House bill, since it will

require most people to obtain insurance and which would create a government-run insurance plan, or public option, starting in 2014, in which states could choose to not participate.

Oh, cool, so now you’ll force me to buy insurance?  Or what?  Where is the Constitutional authority that gives you the right to fine me for not buying health insurance?  Insurance that will undoubtedly cost more now that your market-competition-killing tendrils have gotten hold of it?  More importantly, people need to understand that


I’ve read my fair share of studies concerning the health care systems of Europe, and I am not impressed with what I’ve found.  In fact, the trend all accross Europe has seen several countries introduce more free market mechanisms into their government-run systems in order to keep them solvent!  Is America behind the curve or what?  We’re usually so good at free market capitalism here in the good ol’ U.S of A that I think we’ve begun to take it for granted.  We can’t wait until President Obama signs this health care disaster into law before we realize what a terrible idea it is to create an innovation-stifling, cost-exploding monopoly and plop it in the lap of the Federal Government.  We know its a bad idea NOW, we don’t need to wait for the lines to start at the clinic door in 2014. 

If anything good has come out of European healthcare, leave it to the Swiss to do something right.  Switzerland actually has a few things to teach us Americans about medical cost transparency.  If the consumer knows how much health care truly costs to them, it becomes a far less frivolous personal expenditure.  No one can spend my money better than meRead the entire European health care evaluation here, from the Cato Institute.

  Earlier on Wednesday I posed this question on my Facebook page earlier and didn’t get much response, so I’ll ask it again:

So seriously now, do people actually think that Obama’s healthcare disaster is actually good for the country? I am genuinely curious about why anyone would think that it is. 

That question still stands today, I really want to know why people think that this 2000+ page monstrosity is really a step in the right direction in terms of affordability, quality, and access to care. 

The entire world can’t afford to see our tradition of American innovation and brilliance slide down the abyss of government bureaucracy and control.

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