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Ethics + Defense Contractors? no problem!

This story meshes nicely with my previous entry about the comments of Representative Duncan and the anti-Conservative nature of war.  The exaltation of constant warfare is antithetical to our core Republican values of limited government, fiscal responsibility and the preservation of life and liberty.  Now we’ve even got John McCain saying these “Defense Contractors” might not be good for America! 

Unfortunately, his remedy for the situation is to rewrite the ethical rules regarding DoD interaction with contractors because “[t]he important thing is that they avoid the appearance of conflict.”

McCain wants review on defense work by retired brass

Conflict with who?  The ethical rules of our military personnel?  Don’t whitewash the situation, if these contractors are unethically exploiting their relationship with the military, there should be no reward for them.  End of story.

Also: McCain: Interests of Defense Contractors May Conflict with US National Interest


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