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A stimulus I can get behind!

Finally, a government program for the economy that I can fully support!  The state of South Carolina is offering holiday shoppers a 48-hour window in which firearms will not be taxed during the weekend after Thanksgiving.

During the tax holiday, “[s]hoppers will pay no state or local sales taxes on handguns, rifles and shotguns, which can tally 9 percent.”

SC offering shoppers a 48-hour sales tax break on guns

I mean, this really does make a lot of sense if you think about it.  What is one of the few industries that has been doing record-breaking sales in this weak economy?  The firearms industry!  This spike began even before Barack Obama took the White House, so naysayers who believe it’s all thanks to his anti-gun politics aren’t entirely correct.  Take a look at this article from 2007 in Shooting Industry Magazine – Business Hits Robust Level.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the firearm industry was still recovering from the destructive and misguided gun control policies of the Clinton years

The Democrats should take a look at South Carolina’s example of how to really grow an econ.omy.  Tax breaks to encourage spending, expansion, and employment are always more desirable than a massive government intervention into matters it doesn’t know enough about. 

Let’s just hope that the Obama Administration’s archaic and outdated gun control policies don’t strangle this vital, multi-billion dollar industry which employs thousands of Americans across the country.  With unemployment at 10.2% and rising, do we really need to add gun manufacturers to the statisic?

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