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A challenge?!

Here we go for an exciting turn in the pre-race for MN District 1!  Former State Rep. Allen Quist announced on Wednesday night that he is challenging Democrat Tim Walz for his seat in the U.S. House. 

Quist announces he’ll run for Congress against Walz

Quist Eyeing Walz Challenge?

Well thank the gods, kick the bum out.  After reading over Mr. Quist’s campaign site, it looks like his primary focus is taking Rep. Walz to task on healthcare reform.  Rep. Walz was one of the 220 votes that made sure the immoral monstrosity that is the House Healthcare bill just barely scraped by.  Just like Earl Pomeroy in North Dakota, I can’t wait for 2010 to see the absolutely brutal blowback that will emerge from their votes on this Healthcare Disaster Bill. 

I see some good homeschooling credentials on Quist’s campaign website, it looks like he “played an influential role in legalizing home schools in Minnesota,” which is definitely a huge achievement to be celebrated.  Here’s a link to the education organization he and his wife have been involved with-

Looks like we have a strong candidate for MN District 1 so far, good luck Mr. Quist!

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