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“Double dip” recession?

First of all, in order to have a “double dip” recession the ORIGINAL recession has to END first. 

Wow, back up Mr. President, the stank of hubris is getting overpowering.  Check this out:

President Barack Obama says he’s worried that spending too much money to help revive the economy could undermine a fragile U.S. recovery and throw the economy into a double-dip recession.

Obama Warns of “double dip” recession

You’re worried NOW about spending more money?!  Seriously?!  So let me get this straight…you’ve blown trillions of dollars of taxpayer money taking over huge sectors of the economy, and you’re getting bashful about blowing any more?  Take a look at what you’ve gotten your Federal hands on in the last year, a list courtesy of the Cato Institute:

  • health care
  • energy
  • local schools
  • banks
  • insurance companies
  • automobile companies
  • compensation at financial firms
  • newspapers
  • the internet
  • He goes on to say that the administration is considering tax breaks for businesses to encourage hiring.  If the Obama administration thought tax breaks, limited government and the free market were such a good idea, why didn’t he let them work months ago when we really needed it????  Did you guys finally realize that your Keynesian unlimited spending dogma was false and creating more problems and unemployment than you can stomach? 

    I think you’re a day late and a couple trillion dollar short, Mr. Obama.  When the recession hits again (with spending like yours, it will, don’t doubt it) please keep in mind your past failures.  Bury the idea of government intervention right next to Mr. Keynes.


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