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College Republicans, 11-11-2009

Just got out of another productive meeting for the College Republicans at MSUM, but I was pretty disappointed that the Healthcare debate that I was gearing up for didn’t really happen since none of the Democrats showed up for it.  Aw.  I really wanted to get into an argument too!  But at least I got a cookie.  :0)

When everyone got settled, I passed around a copy of last week’s Advocate because  there was a really hilarious letter written by a Democrat in support of their Obamacare fiasco.  I can’t wait to write a reaction to it, he is just so wrong on so many points!  We started the “debate” (more of just a light discussion) by watching a few videos produced by the RNC which I for some reason can’t seem to locate right now.  After the videos, it was pretty much criticism of Obama’s handling of the “Reform” debate, criticism of some points of the bill, and discussion of Representetives from MN and ND who either voted for the House bill or support the Senate bill.  Fairly superficial, but that was because we all more or less agreed with each other on 99% of the issues in the Healthcare debate, as far as I could tell.

We didn’t really disucss substantial policy issues in-depth, but after a week or so of reading up on the basics of Healthcare Reform, I know for a fact that Obama’s bill is not good for America.  It is the most terrifying, expensive and oppressive expansion of the Federal Government since the New Deal, and we all know how well that turned out.  No, it did not pull us out of the Great Depression.  Paying people to burn crops and dig holes and fill them again does NOT count as “creating jobs.”  I mean, sure if I throw a rock through a window I’m creating work for the glass and window manufacturers but is that really productive?  Nooooo I don’t think so.  I’ll be posting more about my position in this Healthcare fiasco very soon, don’t worry. 

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