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Veteran’s Day shoutouts!

It’s that day again, the day where we as Americans honor our men and women in uniform around the world with our thoughts and prayers.  Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Tony Sutton said it very well in his statement issued today:

“Like all Americans, today we come together to proudly honor and express our heartfelt gratitude to our nation’s armed forces veterans for their heroism, courage and commitment to country.  As we honor America’s veterans, we resolve to never forget their sacrifices.  While our deep appreciation can never be fully expressed in words, we recognize that it is because of the selfless dedication of American veterans in defense of freedom around the world that the United States of America will always remain the ‘last best hope of Earth.'”

Here’s a shoutout to all my friends and family who have served (or are on their way):

First and foremost, my dad, a 20+ year officer in the Navy, Navy Reserve and ND Air Guard. 

My good friend Sgt. Gabe Anderson, USMC who is roaming around the Pacific god-knows-where, haha. 

Hey Justin, if I’m counting right you’re almost done with Navy Boot! 

My grandpa (R.I.P) who did his time for the Army in the Pacific.  I wish I knew more about him and what he did, that could be a project for a later day…hmm..

Anyone else I know who might’ve slipped my mind (it’s late, gimme a break), I thank all of you for the sacrifices you have made to keep us safe.

Veterans Day pic

Have it good,



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